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  1. Doggy Style :)


    December 14, 2012 by raluca


    Lulu Guinnes Poodle print red umbrella, 21£ at Asos, here;
    Umbrela rosie cu imprimeu cu pudeli, 21£ (aprox. 120 ron) la Asos, aici.

    Nu stiu ce parere aveti voi, dar pe mine m-ar inveseli un pic intr-o zi oribila si ploioasa sa ma uit in sus si sa vad niste pudeli frumos ferchezuiti:).
    EN: I don’t know about you, but I’d sure feel a little less suicidal on a horrible, rainy day if I could look up and see a bunch of cute poodles :).


    People Tree Sausage Dog Scarf, 32£ at Asos, here;
    Fular in forma de caine soricar, 32£ (aprox. 185 ron) la Asos, aici.

    Un must-have al sezonului rece: fularul cu soricar. Cu siguranta e lung.
    EN: A winter must-have: the sausage dog scarf. Long enough for ya?


    Asos Sausage dog Ring Holder, 15£ here;
    Suport pentru inele in forma de caine soricar, 15£ (aprox. 87 ron) la Asos, aici.

    Ahaaaa, deci de aia sunt asa lungi soricarii: ca sa poata cara in spate colectia de inele a proprietarului!
    EN: Aha, so that’s why sausage dogs are so long: so they can carry their owner’s ring collection!


    River Island Silver tone encrusted dog brooch, 15£ here;
    Brosa din strasuri in forma de caine – 15£ (aprox. 87 ron) la River Island, aici.

    Blinged-up dawg :)!


    Louche Dog Jumper (it’s a Schnauzer to be exact!), 34£ at USC, here;
    Pulover cu imprimeu caine Schnauzer, 34£ (aprox. 200 ron) la USC, aici.


    Wooden “Christmas Puppy” boxesHandmade Boutique Buy & Donate by Cristina Ion (the profit goes to animal welfare association A Doua Sansa (Second Chance) –
    Cutie medie (15x9x8 cm) – 15 ron la Handmade Boutique Buy & Donate by Cristina Ion (profitul merge catre asociatia pentru protectia animalelor A Doua Sansa –


    Alice Takes a Trip Chihuahua Bow Sweater, 38£ at New Look, here;
    Bluza cu imprimeu caine Chihuahua (cu funda, desigur), 38£ (aprox. 220 ron) la New Look, aici.

    Sa nu va plangeti ca e scumpa pentru o bluza de stat prin casa: nu sunt Chihuahua de fitza?
    EN: Don’t you even think about complaining that this sweater is too expensive for something you’d wear around the house: aren’t Chihuahuas supposed to be all fancy schmancy?


    Dorothy Perkins purple Scottie Dog socks, 2,5£ here;
    Sosete cu imprimeu Scottish Terrier – 2,5£ (aprox. 14 ron) la Dorothy Perkins, aici.

    Terrieri pe sosete: un caz pentru protectia animalelor :)?
    EN: Scottie dogs on socks: is this a potential case for the Animal Police :)?


    Asos Scotty Dog Jumper Dress, 38£ here;
    Rochie-pulover Asos cu imprimeu caine Scottish Terrier, 38£ (aprox. 220 ron) aici.


    Brat & Suzie Hippy Dog Burn-out T Shirt and Chihuahua T Shirt, 28£ each at Asos, here and here;
    Tricou cu caine hippy si tricou cu Chihuahua, 28£ fiecare la Asos, aicisi aici.

    Yin si yang :).
    EN: Yin and yang.


    Oasis burgundy Drop Waist Poodle Dress, 28£ here;
    Rochie Oasis bordo cu imprimeu cu (muuuuulti) pudeli, 28£ (aprox. 160 ron) aici.

    Aici trebuie sa va chinuiti putin sa distingeti pleiada de pudeli, dar important e sa stie purtatorul, nu? (Si ati remarcat ca rochia este si bordo? Modalitatea perfecta de a combina dragostea pentru moda, cu cea pentru pudeli!)
    EN: It’s a little tricky to see the myriad poodles here, but hey, as long as the wearer knows they’re there… (And have you noticed that the dress itself is burgundy? The perfect way to combine your love of fashion and your fondness for poodles. Genius, no?)


     I love my dog” wooden photo framesHandmade Boutique Buy & Donate by Cristina Ion;
    Rame foto “I love my dog” – Handmade Boutique Buy & Donate by Cristina Ion.


    Not for Ponies Pug T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Jumpers, 20-35£ here;
    Tricouri si bluze cu mopsi, intre 20-35£ (116ron – 200 ron) la Not for Ponies, aici.

    Sub motto-ul “Un mops pentru orice ocazie”, va prezint:
    Tricou cu mops in canita (mai de iarna);
    Tricou cu mops francez, très chic, cu mustacioara si bereta, merge in orice anotimp;
    Tricou cu mops nautic pentru la vara;
    Bluza cu mops de Craciun;
    Bluza cu mops iernatic;
    Bluza cu mops pentru fetite (exista si pentru barbati si baieti – de data asta sunt lucruri diferite :) – in caz ca sunteti o familie foarte iubitoare de mopsi).

    EN: Under the motto “A Pug for Every Occasion”, I give you:
    Pug-in-a-cup T Shirt – sort of wintry, in my opinion;
    French Pug T Shirt – très chic, with moustache and beret, perfect for any season;
    Sailor Pug T-Shirt – the pug lover’s version of the ever fashionable nautical trend;
    Christmas Pug Jumper;
    Winter Pug Sweater;
    Girls’ Pug Sweater (there are also T-shirts and sweaters for boys and men – different things in this case :) – in case you really, really, really love pugs).


    Asos Shirt in I Heart Pug Print, 36£ here;
    Camasa cu mopsi, 36£ (aprox. 200 ron) la Asos, aici.

    Acum si varianta de mops pentru “de dimineata” :) (adica pentru birou).
    EN: The “office” or “9 to 5” pug :).


    Me & Zena Lil’ Bill French Bulldog Ring, 30£ at Pret a Portobello, here;
    Inel cu bulldog francez (zis Lil’ Bill – Micul Bill), 30£ (aprox. 174 ron) la Pret a Portobello, aici.


    Asos Limited Edition Bones Stud Earrings, 6£ here;
    Cercei in forma de os, 6£ (aprox. 34 ron) la Asos, aici.


    Accessorize Reindeer Antlers for Dog (… and why not owner too; I’d wear it!), 4£ here;
    Bentita cu coarne de ren pentru caini (… si, de nu, si stapani; eu as purta-o!); 4£ (aprox. 23 ron) la Accessorize, aici.

  2. Buy a Christmas Gift and Help a Stray Dog!


    November 21, 2012 by raluca

    Ornamente de lemn 4 Ron bucata/// EN: Wooden Christmas ornaments 0.9 euro each

    Ce ziceti de niste cadouri de Craciun care, pe langa ca sunt hand-made, nu costa mult si sunt superdragute, ajuta un caine fara stapan?

    Cea care le face este prietena mea Cristina (careia i s-au alaturat recent alte doua persoane). Ca multi dintre noi, Cristina iubeste animalele, dar, spre deosebire de multi dintre noi, nu se opreste la a hrani un caine sau o pisica care s-au aciuat pe langa scara blocului.
    De ceva timp ea este unul dintre voluntarii asociatiei pentru protectia animalelor A Doua Sansa (; asta inseamna nu numai ca participa la actiunile asociatiei (inclusiv dezapezirea Adapostului pentru caini de la Glina!), ci si ca profitul pe care il obtine in urma vanzarii obiectelor de decor pe care le face merge tot aici. Wow, nu?

    Iata o mica selectie din colectia de Craciun. Pe pagina de Facebook a Cristinei, Handmade Boutique Buy&Donate by Cristina Ion (aici), puteti vedea cam tot ce a facut ea pana acum.

    EN: How about buying some Christmas gifts that are not only hand-made, totally inexpensive and supercute, but also help stray dogs in Romania?

    The one who makes them is my friend, Cristina (who has been recently joined by two other artists/ dog lovers). Like many of us, Cristina loves animals, but unlike most of us, she does more than just feed the occasional dog or cat that happens to wander around the block.

    For a while now she has been a volunteer with animal protection association A Doua Sansa (Second Chance) (; this means that not only does she take a very active part in the association’s activities (such as snow removal at Glina dog shelter, which, let me tell you, is not easy work!), she also donates to the association the profit from selling the decorations she makes. What a wonderful person, right? I’m proud to be her friend!

    Here’s a small selection from the Christmas collection; you can see a lot more of her lovely things on her Facebook page, Handmade Boutique Buy&Donate by Cristina Ion (here), and that’s where you can order as well.

    Ornament din lemn 6 Ron bucata/// EN: Wooden Christmas ornament 1.4 euro each

     Glob 6 cm diametru 5 Ron/// EN: Small Christmas ball/ bauble (silver) 1.1 euro
    Inel 6 Ron/// EN: Ring 1.3 euro
    Inima mare 6 Ron/// EN: Big heart 1.3 euro
    Glob 9 cm diametru 11 Ron/// EN: Bigger Christmas ball/ bauble (red) 2.4 euro

    Inima 6 Ron; pisica Thelma nu este inclusa in pret :)/// EN: Heart 1.3 euro; Thelma the cat is not included :)

    Atentie! Urmatoarea poza contine plasare de pisica :)
    EN: Warning! The following photo contains cat placement :)

    Cutie mare 18x12x10 cm 20 Ron/// EN: Big box 4.5 euro
    Cutie medie 15x9x8 cm 15 Ron/// EN: Medium size box 3.5 euro
    Cutie mica 12x8x6 cm 8 Ron/// EN: Small wooden box 2 euro
    Set 2 suporturi lumanari 10 Ron/// EN: 2x candle holders 2.3 euro
    Pisica Thelma – de nepretuit :)/// EN: Thelma the cat – priceless :)

     Tava mica 20×30 cm 20 Ron/// EN: Small tray 4.5 euro

    Ornamente din lemn 4 Ron bucata/// EN: Wooden Christmas ornaments 0.9 euro each

    Suport creioane/pixuri 12 Ron/// EN: Pencil holder 2.7 euro

    Ornamente din lemn 4 Ron bucata/// EN: Wooden ornaments 0.9 euro each

    Glob 6 cm diametru 5 Ron/// EN: Red Christmas ball/ bauble 1.1 euro
    Glob 8 cm diametru 9 Ron/// EN: Silver Christmas ball/ bauble 2 euro

    Ornamente din lemn 4 Ron bucata/// EN: Wooden Christmas ornaments 0.9 euro each

    Ornamente din lemn 4 Ron bucata/// EN: wooden Christmas ornaments 0.9 euro each

    Suport din lemn pentru lumanari 12 Ron/// EN: Wooden Candle holder 2.8 Euro

    Ornamente din lemn 4 Ron bucata/// EN: wooden ornaments 0.9 euro each

    Origami ornament (left) – 12 Ron bucata/// 2.7 euro each
    Origami ornament (middle) – 13 Ron/bucata/// 2.9 euro each
    Origami ornament (right) – 10 Ron/bucata/// 2.2 euro each

    Toate obiectele pot fi gasite si comandate pe pagina de Facebook Handmade Boutique Buy&Donate by Cristina Ion (aici).

    EN: Everything can be ordered from Handmade Boutique Buy&Donate by Cristina Ion (here).
    Since I’m also writing in English, it means that Cristina does deliver internationally, but you will probably have to cover the delivery cost yourself (delivery from Romania to a country in Europe should be grossly around 13 EUR for a small package).

    Cumparaturi placute, de data asta nu e cazul sa aveti mustrari de constiinta, e pentru o cauza buna :)!
    EN: Happy Shopping, this time you needn’t feel guilty about it, it’s for a good cause :)!



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