Foxy Lady

Daca ati cochetat dintotdeauna cu ideea unui guler de blana dar 1. preferati ca blana sa ramana pe animalutul viu (ceea ce sper ca este cazul!) si 2. nu va incanta blana artificiala, iata solutia de la Asos: tricou cu “guler de vulpe”, 16£ (aprox. 92 ron), il gasiti aici. Elegant (sa zicem!), ecologic si nici nu provoaca alergii!

EN: If you’ve always fancied wearing a fur wrap but 1. you (hopefully) prefer fur on the live animal and 2. you’re not so keen on the faux stuff, here’s the solution from Asos: T-shirt with Fox Wrap, 16£, you can buy it here. Elegant (…or something), animal-friendly and it won’t give you allergies! What more do you want?

Nu va place gulerul “de blana”? Poate preferati o rochie cu vulpite? (Oare putem sa consideram ca este animal print :D?)
EN: Not a “fur” wrap kind of girl? Maybe you’d prefer a (literally) foxy dress then? (I wonder if we can consider this animal print. I mean it’s a print and it’s got animals, whyever not?!?):Rochie marca Sugarhill Boutique, cu guler Peter Pan si decupaje; o gasiti la Asos, aici, si costa 58£ (aprox. 330 ron).
EN: Sugarhill Boutique Foxy Chiffon Skater Dress with Peter Pan collar and cut-outs; buy it from Asos, here(it’s 58£).

Nici rochie? Atunci o camasa? Ati fi o aparitie interesanta la serviciu :D
EN: If you must be picky and not like that dress, then how about a fox print shirt? It’ll definitely get you noticed at the office!Camasa din chiffon marca Sugarhill Boutique, 42£ (aprox. 240 ron), o gasiti aici.
EN: Sugarhill Boutique Foxy Chiffon Shirt with Contrast Collar, 42£, buy it here.

In cazul in care va plac vulpitele dar preferati ceva mai subtil, puteti incerca asa ceva:
EN: In case you do like foxes but would rather go for something more subtle, you can try something like this:

Colier cu pandantiv vulpe de la Asos, 6£ (aprox. 36 ron), il gasiti aici. Aveti grija, insa: vulpea asta are o expresie cam vicleana, asa ca NU as purta-o cu un imprimeu cu pasari, de exemplu, ca sa nu incitam vulpea la fapte necugetate.

EN: Asos Fox Necklace, 6£, you can get it here. A word of warning though: this particular fox looks to me like it’s up to no good, so I’d really think twice before pairing it with something like bird print for instance. We wouldn’t want the fox to do something it will regret later, now would we?

Tricoul cu lebada a existat la Asos, dar acum din pacate e sold-out.
EN: The Asos Swan Wrap T-Shirt is tragically sold out. Sorry to have got your hopes up for nothing!

Daca tot suntem la capitolul “un altfel de animal print”, inchei cu un update cu ratoni. A aparut varianta de iarna a camasii de care vorbeam aici, si anume puloverul cu raton multicolor. Vestea saptamanii, nu?:
EN: Since we’re on the subject of animal print with a twist, I’ll (fur) wrap this post up with a raccoon update. The winter version of the shirt I showed you here, the multicolored raccoon jumper, is now available at Asos! I’ve just made your week, haven’t I!:

Pulover Vero Moda, de la Asos; costa 28£ (aprox. 160 ron) si il gasiti aici.
EN: Vero Moda Raccoon Intarsia Knit Jumper, 28£, you can buy it here.