My kind of Christmas Dinner Dress

Asos Swing Dress in Swan Print, 28£, get it here;
Rochie cu imprimeu cu lebede, de la Asos, 28£ (aprox. 160 ron), o gasiti aici.

Pentru ca vremea de afara ma inspira, iata genul meu de rochie de Craciun – nu in sensul ca lebedele imi amintesc in mod special de aceasta perioada festiva a anului sau ca as sfatui pe cineva sa incerce niste sarmalute sau piftie de lebada :). Nu, ceea ce vreau sa spun este ca inaripata de fata este suficient de larga incat sa poti manca tot ce-ti pofteste inima•, fara ca ceilalti meseni sa remarce ce… inima larga ai de fapt :). (•Sa zicem…cel mai mare borcan de Nutella posibil, chiar o galeata, si vreo 3 Cinnabon. Ah, visuri…si zahar procesat.)

EN: Because it has suddenly turned very cold in Bucharest, I find myself thinking of  Christmas and this dress, that has just appeared on the Asos website, looks to me like the perfect Christmas dinner dress – not in the sense that swans particularly remind me of this festive time of the year or that I would ever advise you to try a swan-based Christmas meal :). No, what I mean is that this winged and beaked beauty is loose enough to allow you to eat to your heart’s desire•, without everybody realizing just how big your heart really is, so to speak :). (•Let’s say… the biggest Nutella jar out there – ideally a bucket – and 3 large cinnabon rolls…Oh, this is the stuff that dreams are made of…Lots of processed sugar, that is :)).