Shopping Time: Asos Bunny Flats

Asos Little Miss Bunny Face Ballet Flats, 25£, you can get them here (QUICKLY, before they hop-hop-hop to someone else’s shoe racks!).
Balerini in forma de iepuras, de la Asos; costa 25£ (aprox. 145 ron) si ii puteti cumpara de aici.

“Vaaai, ce draguti!” Sau mai degraba: “Piei, Satana! Ce om sanatos la cap ar purta asa ceva?” (Numele “Little Miss” ar sugera ca sunt pentru copii, dar masurile sunt “de om mare”, pana la 41, deci putem concluziona ca mustaciosii au fost ganditi pentru adulti).
De care parte a baricadei sunteti? Pro sau contra animalutelor cu mustati pe post de pantofi? Mie uneia imi plac si i-as purta de exemplu cu o rochie cu guler Peter Pan, la fel de copilaroasa.

EN: “Awww, how cute!!!” or rather “Hell, no! The last time I had animals on my feet I was wearing diapers!” (the Little Miss part of the name might suggest that these are children’s shoes, but since the sizes go all the way up to a very grown-up UK8, I think we can safely assume that these whiskered beauties are meant for adults all right).
So which side are you on? I for one kinda like’em (but hey, Winnie the Pooh is still one of my top 3 books ever!) and I’d pair them with something equally childish – such as a Peter Pan collar dress.

Iata-i si in varianta metalica, cu urechiusa zbarlita:
EN: Here they are in a metallic (copper) version as well (Don’t you just feel like pulling that little ear? No? Really? Is it just me?):

Asos Little Miss Metallic Rabbit Face Ballet Flats, 25£ (get them here);
Ii gasiti aici.

Indiferent de curentul de opinie caruia ii apartineti e bine de stiut ca intiativa Asos nu vine din neant (sau lipsa de ocupatie a designerilor). Desi aici animalutul este numit iepuras, balerinii sunt de fapt o varianta a faimosilor Mouse Flats (Balerini Soricel) ai designerului Marc Jacobs, pe care de ceva vreme incoace ii poarta o gramada de “fashioniste” (si bloggerite :D). Si care costa in jur de 200$:

EN: No matter what school of thought you belong to, it’s good to know however that Asos did not come up with this idea out of the blue (or out of sheer boredom among its designers). Even though the animal on the Asos flats is called a bunny (or a rabbit in the case of the metallic flats – I wonder why, maybe because they are supposed to be more…grown-up and lady-like?!?), they are in fact inspired by the famous Marc Jacobs flats, which have been of late on the feet of many a “fashionista” (and a blogger). They cost around 200$ (yes, we’re talking about mouse-faced flats):

perforated mouse ballerinaMarc by Marc Jacobs Perforated Mouse Ballerina – 218€ here;
Balerini soricel din piele perforata Marc by Marc Jacobs – 218€ aici.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Mouse Flats from ShopBop, 235$ (get them here);
Balerini Marc by Marc Jacobs, de la ShopBop, 235$ (ii gasiti aici).

Asa ca mai bine alegem iepurasul, zicem ca-i soricel (suna a reclama Orange) si cu restul platim intretinerea (un sfat bun pentru mine insami :D). Sau…nu.
EN: So I say go with the bunny, call it a mouse and pay your utilities with the rest (which is very good advice for myself: Pay.the.utilities.Stop.buying.dresses.). Or…not.