Shopping Time: Domnisoara Goe

Ca sa nu mai ramaie repetenta si anul acesta, mam’mare, mamitica si tanti Mita au promis tinerei Goe o geanta frumoasa, scumpa si roz de la Cambridge Satchel Company…:D

EN: let’s call this look “The Spoiled Little Sailor” who really wanted a pink expensive bag. It’s actually inspired by a very famous Romanian short story called Dl. Goe (Mr. Goe), written by I.L. Caragiale and published in 1900. It is in fact so famous that the name “Goe” has become in Romanian a synonym for spoiled brat. The main character is described as wearing a sailor outfit, complete with boater hat.

Rochie plisata din bumbac (Dark Beige Colour Block Sailor Dress): River Island; costa 35£ (aprox. 193 ron) si o puteti cumpara de aici. Azi si maine livrarea e gratuita la River Island!
Dress with pleated skirt: River Island Dark Beige Colour Block Sailor Dress; it’s 35£ and you can buy it here;

Geanta satchel din piele roz: Cambridge Satchel Company; costa 100£ (aprox. 550 ron) si o gasiti la Asos, aici.
Pink Satchel Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company Matte Leather 11″ Satchel exclusive to Asos; it’s 100£ and you can buy it here;

Pantofi Oxford (mocasini) bej: HotStepper; costa 325 ron si ii gasiti aici (sau la Fashion Up, de unde pot fi cumparati si cu Card Avantaj).
Beige leather Oxford shoes (brogues): Hotstepper; they are 325 ron and can be bought here;

Pantofi Oxford (mocasini) bicolori roz/ bej: HotStepper; costa 265 ron si ii gasiti aici (sau la Fashion Up).
Two-tone (pink/ beige) leather Oxford shoes (brogues): Hotstepper; they are 265 ron and can be found here;

Palarie de paie (canotiera): Asos Straw Boater; costa 15£ (aprox. 84 ron) si o puteti cumpara de aici. Purtata de cineva arata asa:
Asos Straw Boater hat with removable garland headband; it’s 15£ and you can buy it here. This is how it looks on someone’s head:

O alta optiune, mai frumoasa (sau poate imi place mai mult manechinul :D) dar mai scumpa este American Retro River Hat; costa 40£ si o gasiti aici:

Another option that is somewhat more attractive (or maybe I just like the model better) but also more expensive is the American Retro River Hat, which is 40£ at Asos, here.