Silk Flamingos and other Summery Wonders

silk1mixTraffic People Seashell & Bird dipped hem silk skirt in green, 45£ at Asos, here;

Fusta asimetrica (scurta in fata, lunga in spate) din matase verde, cu imprimeu pasari flamingo si scoici, marca Traffic People – 45£ (aprox. 260 ron) la Asos, aici.

Stiu ca afara e frig de crapa pietrele (si probabil, din nou, bordurile :)) iar materialele diafane nu sunt chiar primele care ne vin in minte, dar vorba “vara sanie si iarna caruta” se aplica perfect si in cazul construirii garderobei de vara. Eu una “muncesc” ca o furnicuta tot anul sa adun rochite & co astfel incat vara, cand vine momentul marii vacante la mare, sa am tot ce-mi trebuie pe langa casa omului (c-asa mi-s eu, gospodina :)).

In ceea ce priveste marca Traffic People (care are niste lucruri superbe de matase, in special rochii), acum este o perioada foarte buna sa dam atacul: pe site-ul lor totul este redus la 50% sau 70%, iar la Asos tocmai au aparut mai multe piese din colectiile mai vechi, reduse si ele semnificativ.

Apropo de lucruri superbe, nu vorbesc eu intotdeauna prea frumos, dar imprimeul cu pasari flamingo si scoici al fustei asimetrice de mai sus ma face sa devin lirica: mi se pare absolut fermecator si perfect adaptat voalului de matase fluid; parca ma si vad zburdand delicat pe malul marii… si apoi impiedicandu-ma, eventual de propriul picior, si cazand gramada :).

EN: I know it’s pretty cold out there (at least where some of us live) and flowy fabrics are not exactly the first thing that comes to mind, but I tend to take a “wise” (in a shopaholic kind of way, that is) approach to “building” my summer wardrobe: like the busy bee that I am, I “work” hard all year long at putting it together, so that when that glorious time called “summer holidays at the seaside” finally comes (= the happiest time of the year for me) I’m all ready for it and my collection of dresses is complete.

Now for instance is a very good time to shop gorgeous Traffic People silk pieces: everything on their website is 50% or 70% off and at Asos several items from older collections have just made their lovely appearance.

Speaking of gorgeous, I think the flamingos & seashells print of the high low skirt above is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and in perfect harmony with the fluid silk chiffon fabric; I can just see myself prancing on a sunny beach… and than tripping over something – possibly my own foot – and falling like a sack of potatoes :).

Tot cu acest imprimeu exista si o bluza stil tunica:
EN: There’s also a tunic top in this print:

silk2mixTraffic People Seashell & Bird silk Drape Tunic Top, 40£ at Asos, here;
Bluza stil tunica din matase, 40£ (aprox. 230 ron) la Asos, aici

si mai multe modele de rochii:
EN: and more dresses:


Traffic People silk Seashell & Bird Confetti Dress, 49£ here (you can see this design in movement here, with a different print);
Traffic People silk Seashell & Bird Mercy Dress, 49£ here (in movement + different print here);
Traffic People Seashell & Bird silk Maxi Blessings Dress with V-neckline and deep V cut back and empire waist, 64£ here (also available in green; see it in movement + different print here);

Rochii de matase scurte, 49£ (aprox. 285 ron) fiecare, le gasiti aici si aici (iar aici si aici vedeti modelele in miscare, dar cu alte imprimeuri);
Rochie maxi de matase cu talie inalta/ empire si decolteu in V; costa 64£ (aprox. 370 ron) aici (disponibila si pe verde; modelul in miscare + alt imprimeu aici).

*Nuanta reala de verde cred ca este cea din imaginele de la Asos (primele poze, cu fusta si bluza).
*I think the real shade of green is the one on the Asos website (see the first pics, of the skirt and the blouse).

Imprimeul cu pasari flamingo nu este nici pe departe singurul lucru frumos de la Traffic People; iata si alte imprimeuri si modele de rochii care mi-au atras atentia, toate din voal de matase:
EN: The flamingos & seashells print is by no means the only wonderful thing at Traffic People; here are some other lovely prints and dresses, all of them in silk chiffon:


silk7mixTraffic People turquoise/ green/ blue silk chiffon Swing Dress in watercolour bloom print, 40£ at Asos, here;
Rochie din voal de matase turcoaz/ verde/ albastru cu imprimeu floral – 40£ (aprox. 230 ron) la Asos, aici.


silk8Traffic People violet Rockabye Flyaway silk chiffon dress with rocking horse print, 49£ here (you can see it in movement here);

Rochie Traffic People din voal de matase violet cu imprimeu balansoar calut :), 49£ (aprox. 285 ron) aici (o puteti vedea in miscare aici).

O rochie care merge purtata atat in sezonul rece, cu ciorapi, cat si vara, dat fiind ca este din voal de matase si are captuseala din bumbac.
A fost pe lista mea de cadouri de Craciun, dar din pacate nu s-a ieftinit la timp, asa ca eu una nu cred ca voi avea parte de imprimeul cu caluti prea curand :(.

EN: A charming print and a dress for all seasons: you can wear it both during the colder months, with tights, and, of course, it’s perfect for summer as well with its light chiffon fabric and cotton underlay.


rochie cu franjuri din mataseTraffic People silk chiffon Prairie Tease 20’s style flapper dress with tassels, 39£ here, and 38£ at Asos, here (where you can also see it in movement);
Rochie stil anii ’20/ flapper cu franjuri, din voal de matase – 39£ (aprox. 230 ron) la Traffic People, aici, si 38£ la Asos, aici (unde o puteti vedea in miscare).

rochie cu franjuri din matase

rochii franjuri, Rochie anii '20 flapper cu franjuri din voal de matase traffic people, 20s style flapper dresses, fringe tassels dress, rochie imprimeu floral matase, rochii flapper, rochii inflorate, rochii stil anii 20, silk chiffon dresses, Traffic People silk chiffon Prairie Tease 20's style flapper dress with tassels, sandale Ash Roxy nude bej cu talpa ortopedica, nude tan Ash Roxy wedge sandals

Dupa cum puteti vedea, pe asta o am si eu – marimea M – (a aparut intr-una din postarlie cu Santorini) si e una din rochiile mele preferate in momentul de fata. (Spre deosebire de manechinul Trafic People eu am ales totusi sa fiu previzibila si plictisitoare si s-o accesorizez cu o pereche de sandale nude Ash).

EN: As you can see, I have this dress – in size M – (you may have seen it in the post about the dresses that I wore in Santorini) and it’s one of my favourites at the moment. (Unlike the model, though, I did play it safe and wore some shoes with it, namely my nude/ tan Ash Roxy wedge sandals).

* Scuze ca unele poze sunt de mai multe ori, dar ultimul update pentru blog a facut o mare porcarie cu pozele si incerc cu disperare diverse modalitati de a remedia situatia :).

EN: Sorry about the same photo appearing more than once, but the latest WordPress update (and the last I’ll ever make) completely messed up my photos, so I’m desperately trying to fix the problem!



traffic people strapless mini silk dress in floral printTraffic People Prairie Jessica Rabbit silk chiffon strapless dress with floral print, 29£ here and 35£ at Asos, here;
Rochie fara bretele din voal de matase cu imprimeu floral – 29£ (aprox. 170 ron) la Traffic People, aici, si 35£ (aprox. 182 ron) la Asos, aici.

Acelasi imprimeu floral, dar alt model de rochie, care, pe un om (adica pe mine :)), arata dupa cum se vede. Varianta mea in nuante de albastru in degrade o am de vreo 2 ani si, la fel ca si rochia dinainte, imi place foarte mult pentru ca e supercomoda (are elastic la spate) si nu se sifoneaza in valiza.

EN: The same floral print but on a different dress which, when worn (by yours, truly), looks like in the photo above. I’ve had my shades of blue version of the dress for about 2 years and I love it because it’s super comfortable (due to the elastic back) and handles travelling in a suitcase like a trooper (= it doesn’t crease).

Inca 3 modele cu imprimeul acesta (numit Prerie):
EN: 3 more dresses in this Prairie print:

5. & 6.


Traffic People Prairie Gypsy midi off the shoulder dress with drop waist, 49£ here;
Rochie midi cu umerii goi (stil spaniol/ “gypsy”) si talie joasa – 49£ (aprox. 285 ron) la Traffic People, aici.

Traffic People 70s style Floral Midi Silk Chiffon Dress – 60£ at Asos, here;
Rochie midi de matase cu imprimeu floral, stil anii ’70 – 60£ (aprox. 350 ron) la Asos, aici.


silk15Traffic People Floral Silk One Shoulder Swing Dress – 45£ at Asos, here;
Rochie cu un umar gol din matase cu imprimeu floral – 45£ (aprox. 260 ron) la Asos, aici.

Am o mare slabiciune pentru rochiile cu un umar gol, care mi se par sexy intr-un mod subtil. Hmmm, oare e exagerat sa ai doua rochii cu acelasi imprimeu :)?
EN: I have a big soft spot for one shoulder dresses, which I find sexy in an understated way. Hmmm, do you think it’s too much to have 2 dresses in the same print :)?


silk12mix2Traffic People Prairie Bless Dress with deep V neckline, empire waist, V-cut back, cap sleeves and woven belt – 47£ here, on the Traffic People website, 45£ at Asos, here, and 27£ at USC, here;

Rochie cu decolteu in V in fata si la spate, talie inalta/ empire si cordon impletit – 47£ (aprox. 270 ron) la Traffic People, aici, 45£ (aprox. 234 ron) at Asos, aici, si 27£ (aprox. 156 ron) la USC, aici.

Imi place foarte mult partea de sus a rochiei asteia, care, in combinatie cu imprimeul floral diafan, ma duce cu gandul la o zana a padurii (or something :)). Asta e de fapt unul din lucrurile mele preferate la Traffic People: majoritatea hainelor lor au ceva de poveste sau de vis; si, imbracata asa, chiar daca, sa zicem, esti inghesuita in metrou langa cineva cu deficiente de igiena corporala (“hygienically challenged” :)), parca tot te simti un pic speciala :).

EN: This dress, with its ethereal floral print, flowy silk chiffon fabric and V cut neckline & back, makes me think of a forest fairy. This dream-like or fairytale-like quality, which many Traffic People clothes share, is in fact one of my favourite things about the brand: when you’re wearing something by them, even if you’re, let’s say, in a crowded subway next to a hygienically challenged person, you still feel kinda special :).


silk14mix2Traffic People floral print silk chiffon maxi dress with deep plunged v neck and back – 31£ at USC, here, and 60£ at Asos, here (where you can see it in movement).

Rochie maxi din voal de matase cu decolteu adanc in V in fata si la spate – 31£ (aprox. 180 ron) la USC, aici, si 60£ (aprox. 350 ron) la Asos, aici, unde o vedeti si in miscare (la USC livrarea e 15£, iar la Asos e gratis).


silk13mixTraffic People Shades of Summer Byronic silk chiffon mini Swing Dress with high neckline and ruffle at the hem, in shades of grey (definitely not 50 :)) – 40£ here (the photo of the black dress is just to show you what it looks like from the back);

Rochie mini din voal de matase gri in degrade, cu volan la terminatie – 40£ (aprox. 230 ron) la Traffic People, aici (poza cu rochia neagra este doar pentru a va arata si partea din spate).

O am pe cea neagra de anul trecut, dar inca n-am purtat-o niciodata. (Din ciclul atat de multe rochii, o viata sociala… NU la fel de multa, sa zicem :)).
EN: I’ve had the black one for a year, but I just haven’t gone round to wearing it yet. (Yep, my social life is less than exciting I’m afraid.)


silk18mixTraffic People sunny yellow midi silk dress with deep V neckline and V back, spaghetti straps, elastic waist and asymmetric/ handkerchief hem – 58£ at Asos, here;
Rochie midi din matase galbena cu terminatie asimetrica (in colturi), decolteu adanc in V in fata si la spate si bretele subtiri – 58£ (aprox. 330 ron) la Asos, aici.


rochie rosie eleganta de seara din voal de matase cu un umar gol stil grecescFrench Connection “Drape Delight” Red Silk Chiffon One-Shoulder Grecian Evening Dress with embellished shoulder – 39£ (reduced from 160£) here;

Rochie de seara rosie stil grecesc, cu un umar gol, din voal de matase – 39£ – aprox. 200 ron (redusa de la 160£) la French Connection, aici.


Cumparaturi placute si (in caz ca nu va place in mod special zapada, noroiul si frigul) curaj, ca pana la urma vine si vara (peste vreo 6 luni :))! Pasarea flamingo va zbura din nou :)!

EN: Happy Shopping and (in case you are not much of a cold weather, snow & mud person) hang on, winter can’t last for ever (I hope). The flamingo will rise again :).