♫ Chris Cornell – Sunshower

Am vazut in lac chiar si o broasca testoasa mare!
There was even a rather big turtle in the lake!

Rochie decupata/ Cut out dress: Motel Rocks (Asos)
Brosa pisica/ Cat leather brooch: Masuta cu Flori
Inel din lemn si sidef/ Wood & mother of pearl ring: din/ from Palma de Mallorca
Sandale cu talpa ortopedica de pluta (vechi)/ Cork wedge leather sandals (old): Bata

Coafura/ Hair: Erika Gonczi (Bon Bon Salon)

RO: Stric feeria ultimei poze si marturisesc ca sedinta foto pentru pentru acest post a fost o experienta destul de neplacuta: in primul rand din cauza bogatei “faune” iesite la scaldat ilegal in Lacul Tineretului din parcul omonim (si din pacate nu ma refer aici la broaste testoase); in al doilea rand (si mult mai putin grav), in timp ce “zburdam” prin poienita (de fapt un deal pe care am coborat ca sa scurtez drumul spre lac), am fost intepata de niscaiva insecte sau urzici neiubitoare de bloggeri, rezultatul atragator fiind sub forma de zgarieturi pe picioare + senzatie de mancarime. Glamour de-a dreptul (si de-a stangul :D).

Gata cu plangerile, trec la lucruri serioase, adica la tinuta din poze.

Rochia Motel Rocks dateaza de anul trecut si imi place pentru ca are spatele decupat si talia elastica. Seamana cu alte rochii pe care le am (si care au aparut si pe blog), dar, spre deosebire de suratele ei, pe aceasta, considerand eu ca decupajul nu este chiar atat de batator la ochi, am purtat-o vara trecuta la serviciul meu de recruiter (incercand desigur sa stau tot timpul cu fata spre persoanele venite la interviu :D). Partea mai putin buna la ea este ca are risc crescut de zburatacire, dupa cum se si vede intr-una din poze, asa ca prefer sa o evit in zilele cu vant.

Sandalele de la Bata le am de cel putin 5 ani si sunt cea mai veche pereche de incaltaminte inca in serviciu activ pe care o detin. Sunt foarte comode si usoare si s-au pastrat incredibil de bine, desi le-am purtat destul de mult. Ah, amintirile care ne leaga…Unele mai placute, din vacante frumoase in Corfu si in Rhodos, altele mai putin placute, de genul celei cu micutul si dragutul de Oscar, spitzul pomeranian al sefului meu de acum mai multi ani, George Butunoiu, care, fiind o natura foarte prietenoasa (ma refer la Oscar), m-a muscat de degetul mare de la picior si am sangerat molcom in sandala circa jumatate de ora. Si totusi rezista, micutele de ele! (Si Oscar e bine mersi, apropo, ba chiar si-a deschis restaurant :D).

EN: It’ll spoil the magic of the last pic, but I simply must complain that the photo session for this post was not a pleasant one: first of all because of the “fauna” of illegal swimmers in the Tineretului lake (and when I say “fauna” I don’t mean turtles unfortunately); secondly, while I was prancing about in the field I got stung by some blogger-unfriendly insects or nettles, the less than attractive result being some itchy scratch marks. Glamour indeed.

But enough with the whining and let’s pass on to the serious stuff, meaning my outfit.

I bought this Motel dress last year and what I especially like about it is the cut out back and the comfy elastic waist. It looks a lot like other dresses that I own (and which I’ve featured on the blog). However, unlike its cut out back sisters, I’ve actually worn this one to work, at my recruiter job, my personal feeling being that the cut out is not so obvious so as to be indecent (of course I tried to face my candidates at all times and not turn my back to them :D). And yes, I admit that my opinions regarding proper workwear may be just a tiny bit lax :D.

The one small downside to this dress is that it has a high risk of underwear flashing incidents, as you can see in one of the pics, so generally I try to avoid it on windy days.

I’ve had the cork wedge leather sandals from Bata for at least 5 years, which makes them the oldest pair of footwear still in active service that I own. They are very comfortable and light and have kept incredibly well considering how much I’ve worn them. Ohhh… the memories we share…Some of them happy memories, from really great holidays to Corfu and Rhodes, others more of a painful kind – such as the undying memory of one of my former boss’s spitz pomeranian dog Oscar, who bit my toe which subsequently bled in the sandal for half an hour. And yet they’re still hanging on, poor old dears! (and the pleasant natured Oscar is still fine by the way).