The Dresses that Got to See Santorini

ash wedge sandalsRochie de matase cu franjuri Traffic People (este inca in stoc) /// EN: Traffic People Prairie Tease silk dress with fringes (still available);
Sandale Ash nude cu talpa ortopedica de pluta/// EN: Ash Roxy tan wedge sandals (Spartoo)

Rochia Traffic People (brandul meu preferat!) a fost o achizitie de ultim moment inainte de vacanta de vara. Cum sunt de ceva vreme obsedata de anii ’20, atractia franjurilor a fost irezistibila, desi sunt cam singurul element care aduce aminte de moda perioadei respective. Asta nu m-a impiedicat, dupa cum se vede, sa fac niste miscari de dans care in mintea mea au legatura cu Charleston-ul. (Apropo de impiedicat, in rochia asta eram imbracata cand am cazut in Sorrento. Si nu regret niciun moment ca am ales sa salvez rochia si nu pe mine. Pentru ca merita.)

Sandalele Ash au fost cumparatura online care mi-a provocat cele mai mari emotii de pana acum, pentru ca in ciuda research-ului extensiv nu am reusit sa ma lamuresc daca ar trebui sa imi cumpar masura 38 sau 39 (eu purtand cam 38,5). Pana la urma am pariat pe 39 si, desi am fost convinsa pana in ultimul moment ca va trebui sa le dau inapoi (sunt o mare optimista :D!), am avut, surprinzator, dreptate. Masura e buna, culoarea ideala (“nude” aproape perfect pentru varianta mea bronzata), insa pielea nu e atat de moale pe cat m-as fi asteptat de la niste sandale care nu au fost deloc ieftine. Oricum am retinut magazinul online Spartoo, care inteleg ca ofera si retur gratuit pentru produse (nu am testat inca, dar sper ca asa este). (Costa de la 100 ron in sus sa trimiti prin Posta Romana o pereche de incaltaminte in Anglia, de exemplu, asa ca returul gratuit ar  fi foarte bun la casa omului!)

EN: This Traffic People dress was a last minute purchase before my summer holiday. As I’ve been obsessing for some time over anything 1920’s-related, I was irresistibly drawn to the tassels, even though they are about the only element reminiscent of the period’s fashion. As you can see, however, this didn’t stop me from trying some Charleston-inspired dancing moves (well…they are Charleston-inspired in my head!). (This is also the dress I was wearing when I tripped and fell in Sorrento. And not for one moment do I regret saving the dress instead of myself. Because she’s worth it!)

The Ash wedge sandals have been the most worrisome purchase in my online shopping career so far, because despite extensive research, I couldn’t decide for the life of me what size to order (38 or 39, my real size being 38,5). I ended up ordering size 39 and even though I was sure I was going to have to send them back (I’m a great optimist :D!), they turned out to be alright. So the size is good, the colour is just what I wanted (the perfect “nude” for my tanned skin), the only complaint is that the leather isn’t as soft as I’d have expected from sandals that weren’t cheap at all by my standards. All in all, I think I will be ordering again from Spartoo, especially since as far as I understand  they offer free returns (I haven’t tested it yet, but I hope I’m right!) – which is a big deal, since returning shoes by mail can be pretty expensive.

Rochie de matase in degrade Traffic People /// EN: Traffic People silk ombre dress.

Rochia care mi se pare ca seamana cu un norisor diafan :D, in varianta fara blitz/ cu blitz (cu blitz arata rochiile si pozele in general mai bine, fara blitz, eu. Alegerea este DRAMATICA!!!!)
EN: I think this dress looks just like an ethereal little cloud :D. You can see it both without and with flash – the flash version makes the dresses and the photos in general look better, while the no flash one makes me look better, I think. The choice is always heart-breaking!!!

Rochie de matase cu paiete Warehouse /// EN: Warehouse Silk Sequin over Print Dress;
Sandale peep toe cu talpa ortopedica Musette /// EN: Musette peep toe leather (faux snakeskin) wedge sandals.

Am folosit mai demult rochia Warehouse intr-un colaj in care visam la Capri si probabil singura persoana pe care am convins-o sa si-o cumpere am fost chiar eu. (Stiu, puterea mea de manipulare ma surprinde uneori chiar si pe mine :D!) Din pacate nu este chiar foarte confortabila, pentru ca trebuie sa ai mereu grija la paiete (nu se vede foarte bine in poze, dar umerii sunt acoperiti cu paiete argintii uriase), care se rasucesc si se rup destul de usor (asa ca nici vorba sa poata fi purtata cu o geanta cu bareta pe umar – ceea ce este o problema pentru mine, care gasesc plicurile extrem de incomode). Dar pana la urma nu-i nimic grav, e si ea un suflet si o iubesc asa cum e :D.

Sandalele Musette sunt varianta in nuante de bej a celor de aici. Nu sunt chiar la fel de usor de asortat ca cele de la Ash, dar sunt mai comode, asa ca presimt ca ne va lega o frumoasa prietenie.

EN: A while ago I used this Warehouse dress in a collage with Capri as a background and probably the only person that was convinced to buy it was myself (I’m a manipulative little b**?!, aren’t I :D?). Unfortunately it’s not very user-friendly, because you always have to pay attention to the sequins (it’s not very clear in the photos, but the top part is  covered in giant silver sequins), which tend to twist and break quite easily. This means you can’t wear it with a bag that has a shoulder strap, which is a problem for me since I find clutches pretty uncomfortable. But hey, in the end it’s not such a biggy, even if all the sequins do fall of, there will still be a nice silk dress left underneath.
The sandals are the beige version of these ones. Even though the snake-effect upper makes them less of a nude colour than the Ash wedges, they are definitely more comfortable, so I think this trip to Santorini was the beginning of a beautiful friendship for us.

Rochie de matase asimetrica Whistles /// EN: Whistles Silk high low dress.

Rochie de matase in degrade Traffic People /// EN: Traffic People Silk ombre dress.

Chiar daca de fapt nu are nicio forma, rochia asta este una din preferatele mele: culorile sunt foarte “de vara”, este supercomoda si nu se sifoneaza in valiza – perfectiunea intruchipata!
EN: Even though it’s practically shapeless, this dress is one of my absolute favourites: it’s got summery colours, it’s super comfortable and it doesn’t crease in my suitcase – dress perfection, that’s what I say!

Rochie de matase cu spatele gol See by Chloe (Fashion Days) /// EN: See by Chloe silk backless dress with star print (Starry Night Blue Silk Dress).

Spre deosebire de vacanta in Sorrento, acum am fost mult mai harnica in privinta pozelor cu rochii (doar in ultima seara, a saptea :D, m-am lenevit, asa ca am apelat la una dintre rochiile de rezerva). Din pacate insa fotografiile facute noaptea nu arata chiar bine, iar decorul e… fascinant de original. (Balconul, wow, ce inedit! Si a fost si o seara cand NU am folosit balconul drept locatie! Stiu, excentric de-a dreptul :D!). Deh, vacante frumoase sa mai avem, ca loc de imbunatatit sigur este!

EN: Unlike my holiday in Sorrento, this time I was a lot more dedicated to documenting my outfits (except for the last evening when I was feeling too lazy and sad about leaving to pose prettily for the camera). My intentions were good, the outcome… not so much: photos taken at night are hardly good quality and the background is…fascinatingly original. (The balcony, wow, what a revolutionary idea! And there was even an evening when we didn’t use the balcony as a location!!! How eccentric of us!). So we’d better keep the holidays coming, because we sure can use the practice, that’s what I say!