Who’s Got the Bigger… Moustache?

moustache guysEleven Paris Johnny Depp Moustache Vest – 35£ at Asos, here, and Robert Pattinson Moustache T-Shirt – 40£ here;

Maiou cu Johnny Depp cu mustata – 35£ (aprox. 182 ron) la Asos, aici, si Tricou cu Robert Pattinson cu mustata – 40£ (aprox. 208 ron) aici.

Probabil ca sunteti la curent cu trendul “mustata” care dureaza deja de ceva timp si care pe mine m-a cucerit pe loc pentru ca imi aminteste de Hercule Poirot, unul din personajele mele favorite. (Posed un colier si o brosa mustata gigantica, pe care le puteti vedea in actiune aici si aici).

Iata acum o abordare un pic diferita a modei mustacioase, parca mai spre Salvador Dali decat Monsieur Poirot al meu (daca pot sa zic asa).

Totul bine si frumos (si paros) pana aici. Mai exact pana observam PRETUL celor doua articole vestimentare de mai sus: pe ce lume am ajuns sa traim, oameni buni, daca Johnny Depp mustacios e mai ieftin decat Robert Pattinson mustacios :)?!? OK, e o diferenta de doar 5£, explicabila de faptul ca Twilight boy e pe un tricou, iar bietul Johnny pe un amarat de maiou (de ce???), dar chiar si asa… SA-CRI-LE-GIU!!!

EN: You’re probably familiar with the moustache trend that’s been around for some time now. It was love at first sight for me, as it reminds me of Hercule Poirot, one of my favourite characters ever. (I own a moustache necklace and a huge moustache brooch, which you can see in action here and here).

The moustache-adorned items above approach the trend a little bit differently (more Salvador Dali than Monsieur Poirot, I’d say), but there’s nothing that special about the way they look.
What IS special though and what prompted me to write this post is the PRICING: what is the world coming to, folks, if the moustachioed Johnny Depp is cheaper than the similarly “embellished” Robert Pattinson :)?!? OK, it’s only a 5£ price difference, which may be accounted for by the fact that Twilight boy’s face is on a T-shirt, while poor Johnny only got a lousy vest (why???), but still… It’s SACRILEGE, that’s what it is!!!

Gata, mi-am baut ceaiul de sunatoare, m-am calmat (a fost o zi trista pentru mine cand Distonocalmul a inceput sa se dea pe reteta :)) si pot sa va arat ce chestii haioase cu mustati am descoperit in ultima vreme:

EN: Now that I’ve got the Johnny – Robert issue out of my chest (and for the record, it’s JOHNNIE who’s got the bigger moustache, ok?!? You got that, Twilight boy?), I can show you some of the cuter moustache accessories & stuff I’ve unearthed online lately:


moustache dad broochAsos Limited Edition Moustache Dad Brooch – 8£ here;
Brosa cu tata mustacios – 8£ (aprox. 41 ron) la Asos, aici.


boohoo black moustache shopper bagmint green moustache bag at boohoo

Large Moustache Shopper Bag in Black and Mint Green – 25£ at Boohoo, here;
Geanta mare cu mustata – neagra sau verde menta – 25£ (aprox. 130 ron) la Boohoo, aici.


moustache shopperTopshop Moustache Shopper Bag10£ here;
Sacosa cu imprimeu mustati – 10£ (aprox. 52 ron) la Topshop, aici.


cercei mustata palarie si umbrela meli meloCercei mustata, palarie si umbrela – negri – 34,99 ron la Meli Melo, aici;
Black Hat, Umbrella and Moustache earrings – 7,80€ at Meli Melo, here.

moustache earrings2Melody Black Moustache Earrings – 5£ at Boohoo, here;
Cercei mustata negri – 5£ (aprox. 26 ron) la Boohoo, aici.

moustache earringsTopshop metal Multi Moustache Earring Pack – 6,50£ here;
Set de cercei in forma de mustata – 6,50£ (aprox. 34 ron) la Topshop, aici.


inel mustata dublu albastru argintiu negruInel mustata dublu, din metal – albastru, argintiu si negru – 14,99 ron fiecare la Meli Melo, aici, aici si aici.

Blue, Silver and Black Double Moustache Ring – 3,30€ each at Meli Melo, here, here and here.

moustache ringEvil Eye and Moustache two ring set – 5£ at Boohoo, here;
Set format din inel Evil Eye si inel mustata – 5£ (aprox. 26 ron) la Boohoo, aici.

inel mustata Inel mustata Meli Melo – 30 ron la Fashion Up, aici;
Black Moustache ring – 6,70€ here.

moustache3Asos Limited Edition Glasses Moustache Ring – 6£ here;
Inel cu mustata si ochelari – 6£ (aprox. 32 ron) la Asos, aici.


moustache purseAldo Luci Moustache print Purse – 8£ at Asos, here;
Portofel cu imprimeu mustata, marca Aldo – 8£ (aprox. 41 ron) la Asos, aici.


bird broochNot for Ponies Mr. Bird Brooch – 9£ here;
BrosaDl. Pasaroi” (cu mustata, desigur) – 9£ (aprox. 47 ron) la Not for Ponies, aici.


moustache scarfLoren Moustache Scarf – 8£ at Boohoo, here;
Esarfa cu imprimeu mustata – 8£ (aprox. 42 ron) la Boohoo, aici.


moustache phone charmMoustache phone charm – 3£ at Topshop, here;
Accesoriu in forma de mustata pentru telefon – 3£ (aprox. 16 ron) la Topshop, aici.


french pug necklaceNot for Ponies Necklace with French Pug (moustache & beret included, bien-sûr) – 12£ here;
Colier cu pandantiv mops francez (cu mustacioara si bereta, bien-sûr) – 12£ (aprox. 62 ron) la Not for Ponies, aici.


moustache braceletAsos Chunky gold Bracelet with Moustache Charm – 8£ here;
Bratara cu mustata – 8£ (aprox. 41 ron) la Asos, aici.


bonjour moustache watchAsos Bonjour Moustache Watch – 22£ here;
Ceas cu mustata – 22£ (aprox. 114 ron) la Asos, aici.


moustache slipper shoesBelle suede look Black & Nude Moustache Slipper Shoes – 18£ and 10£, respectively, at Boohoo, here and here;
Mocasini stil papuci cu mustata, negri si nude/ bej – 18£ (aprox. 93 ron) and 10£ (aprox. 52 ron) la Boohoo, aici si aici.


moustache necklaceWind-blown/ doubtful :) Moustache Necklace – 9£ at Not for Ponies, here;
Colier cu pandantiv mustata in vant/ neincrezatoare :) – 9£ (aprox. 47 ron) la Not for Ponies, aici.

black white pink moustache necklaceBlack/ white/ pink moustache necklace 8£ each at Boohoo, here;
Colier cu mustata neagra/ alba/ roz – 8£ (aprox. 41 ron) la Boohoo, aici.

moustache4Colier mustata – 50 ron la Quick 24, aici (cred ca este la fel cu cel de mai sus).

Nu vreau sa fiu acuzata ca nu v-am aratat suficiente coliere cu mustata (glumesc!), asa ca iacata inca unul:
EN: I don’t want to be accused of not presenting you with enough choice when it comes to moustache necklaces (I’m joking!), so here’s another one:

perspex moustache necklaceTatty Devine Perspex life size Moustache Necklace – 24£ here;
Colier cu mustata (in marime naturala) Tatty Devine – 24£ (aprox. 126 ron) aici.


moustache women t shirtsWomen’s Moustache & Eyes T-shirt and Stone Moustache & Top Hat “Oui” T-shirt – 20£ and 25£, respectively, at Not for Ponies, here and here (the first one is also available for men, here);

Tricou cu mustata si ochi & Tricou “Oui” cu joben si mustata – 20£ (aprox. 104 ron) si 25£ (aprox. 130 ron) la Not for Ponies, aici si aici (primul este disponibil si pentru barbati, aici).


Parca mustata nu-i mustata pana nu-i adaugi si un joben (sau o bereta, asa cum purta smechereste mopsul de mai sus):
EN: In my humble opinion a moustache does not attain its full potential unless it comes with a top hat (or a beret, such as the pug before was fashionably wearing):

top hat ringAsos Limited Edition Top Hat Ring – 6£ here;
Inel cu joben – 6£ (aprox. 31 ron) la Asos, aici.


Un alt cuplu perfect este in viziunea mea cel mustata – papion:

standing moustache ringTatty Devine (yes, the Creators ofThe Lobster– be afraid, be veeeery afraid!)Perspex Standing Moustache ring – 9£ here;
Inel cu mustata din perspex Tatty Devine (da, creatorii Homarului Ucigas) – 9£ (aprox. 47 ron) aici.

As putea sa fac glume proaste in legatura cu pozitia “verticala” a mustatii, dar este sfanta noapte de ajunul Valentine’s Day, asa ca o sa ma abtin.
EN: I could make some bad jokes about the “standing” position of the moustache, but since it’s the holy night of Valentine’s Day eve when I’m writing this, I’ll just bite my tongue.

bow tie necklaceTatty Devine Perspex Bow Tie Necklace – 21£ here;
Colier cu papion – 21£ (aprox. 110 ron) aici.


mens moustache t shirtFor HIM: Men’s Meh” irritated Turtle Man T-shirt & Buff body builder T-shirt with top hat and moustache – 25£ each at Not for Ponies, here and here;

Pentru EL: Tricou barbatesc cu testos iritat (si mustacios) & Tricou cu imprimeu culturist retro cu joben si mustata – 25£ fiecare (aprox. 130 ron) la Not for Ponies, aici si aici.


Si acum… In caz ca v-au placut mai mult de 3 din lucrurile mustacioase de mai sus (mie da!), poate ca e timpul sa trecem la lucruri serioase. Poate ca e timpul pentru ……………


EN: And now…(the end is near….)… In case you’ve fancied more than 3 of the moustache items above (I know I have!), maybe it’s time to stop fooling around and take things seriously. Maybe it’s time for ………………………………………………………….



moustache grower's guide 2The Moustache Grower’s Guide Book – 6£ at Asos, here;
Ghid de crestere si ingrijire a mustatii (cu peste 30 de tipuri de mustata :) !!!) – 6£ (aprox. 31 ron) la Asos, aici.


O sa va anunt negresit daca imi iese freza MARIO :)!
EN: I will definitely let you know if I manage to get THE MARIO right :)!


Happy moustache shopping (or growing :))!