Attack of the Killer Lobster

Tatty Devine Giant Lobster Necklace at Asos, here;
Colier cu “pandantiv” homar marca Tatty Devine; il gasiti la Asos, aici.

Stiu ca cel putin in emisfera noastra nu e tocmai vremea potrivita sa ne gandim la accesorii de inspiratie… risotto con frutti di mare maritima, dar cel putin veti avea timp pana la vara sa strangeti bani pentru acest colier cu homar ucigas care costa…, pregatiti-va…, nici mai mult, nici mai putin decat 123£ (aprox. 700 ron)!
De ce?!? o sa va intrebati. Pai cum de ce? Pentru ca are tichie de margaritar cristale Swarovski, d’aia, normal! Ca doar se stie, homarul si cristalul Swarowski sunt ca sarea in bucate, nu se poate una fara alta, si doar n-o sa ne facem de rusine purtand un homar fara cristale Swarovski, doamne fereste!

EN: I know that at least for us in the northern hemisphere it’s not exactly the right time to be thinking about errr… seafood nautical fashion, but at least you have time until summer to save up for this murderous-looking lobster necklace which costs…, brace yourselves…, no more and no less than 123£!
But why?!? you will probably ask yourselves. What do you mean why? Because it’s got Swarovski crystals, naturally, that’s why! And it’s common knowledge of course that Swarovski crystals are to lobsters what bread is to butter, chips to fish, horse to carriage and love to marriage: you (simply) can’t have one without the other…, right?

Vestea buna e ca dati un ban, da’ face: homarul este livrat elegant, in cutie:
EN: It may seem like it costs a lot, but the good news is that you’ll get your money’s worth: the lobster comes elegantly packed in a fancy box:

In privinta interpretarilor pe care le putem da acestui accesoriu, am doua idei:

1. Puteti merge, asa cum am sugerat deja, pe un look gen “Atacul homarului ucigas” – pentru ca, asa cum vedem in poza cu fata, fructul de mare in discutie pare chitit sa atace jugulara purtatorului. Daca este sa ne ghidam dupa poza cu manechinul, in acest caz este recomandat sa abordati o expresie putin visatoare, ca si cum nu ati fi remarcat ca aveti un homar (ucigas) atarnat de gat.

2. O alta varianta ar fi un omagiu capitanului Davy Jones din Piratii din Caraibe:

EN: As for possible interpretations of this piece of… jewellery, I have two ideas:

1. As I’ve already suggested in the title, you can go for an “Attack of the killer lobster” look – since the seafood representative in question seems to be going for the wearer’s jugular. If we analyse the photo of the girl wearing it, it appears that in this case the recommended attitude is one of sensuous dreaminess, like you just don’t care that a giant killer lobster is hanging by your neck.

2. Another approach is “Paying homage to Captain Davy Jones” from Pirates of the Caribbean:

Seamana un pic, nu?
EN: Somewhat similar, ain’t it?

Daca v-am deschis apetitul :), iata si alte creatii Tatty Devine in aceeasi nota, dar parca mai putin extreme:
EN: If I’ve aroused your appetite :), here are some more Tatty Devine creations along the same lines, but a little less extreme:

1.Tatty Devine Small Dinosaur Necklace, 114£ at Asos, here(if this is the small one, I’m afraid to see the Big Dinosaur necklace, it must be life-size!);
Colier cu “pandantiv” dinozaur, 114£ (aprox. 660 ron) la Asos, aici.

2. Tatty Devine Large Parakeet Necklace, 108£ here;
Colier cu “pandantiv” papagal, 108£ (aprox. 620 ron) aici.

 3. Tatty Devine Fishbone Necklace, 40£ here(don’t ask me why there’s such a price difference, the dinosaur is dead too, after all.)
Colier cu “pandantiv” os de peste, 40£ (aprox. 230 ron)aici(nu ma intrebati de ce diferenta de pret e atat de mare!)

Si, in (oarecum) alta nota, o brosa vulpe care chiar imi place (colierul s-a epuizat in 2 zile) si care completeaza de minune colectia mea virtuala de haine si accesorii pe baza de vulpite (aici):
EN: And on a (somewhat) different note, a foxy brooch (the fox necklace went out-of-stock in 2 days), that completes to perfection my “collection” of fox-based clothes and accessories (here):

Tatty Devine Fox Brooch, 35£ here;
Brosa vulpe, 35£ (aprox. 200 ron) aici.