Autumn Cherries

Rochie cu talia joasa, in dungi/// EN: Stripe drop waist dress: Topshop UK;
Geanta cu franjuri/// EN: Leather fringe across body bag: Asos;
Cizme “de vara” bej (nude) din piele perforata/// EN: Beige (nude) perforated leather boots: Migato (le am de anul trecut din Atena/// EN: I bought them last year in Athens);
Pandantiv/ breloc cu cirese, din piele/// EN: Leather cherries pendant/ keyring;
Inel rosu din sticla de Murano – de la Venetia/// EN: Red Murano glass ring – from Venice.

Pana sa vad pozele facute pentru postarea de fata, rochia asta de la Topshop era una din preferatele mele pentru o tinuta superlejera de zi – e larga, comoda, nu se sifoneaza, exact stilul meu. Dupa ce am vazut pozele… nu cred ca o s-o mai imbrac vreodata: 90% din ele sunt inutilizabile pentru ca arat ca un frigider (mai exact un frigider in dungi, de la care te si dor ochii) :D. Noroc cu peisajul frumos, pe care mi-a fost mila sa-l irosesc, pentru ca altfel probabil ca nici nu as mai fi facut postul.
Asta e, cel putin am o motivatie sa mai slabesc. (Apropo de slabit, chiar ma gandeam astazi ca motto-ul meu ar putea fi: “Raluca: la cura de slabire din 1992”. Serios!)
Am incercat sa ma consolez cu gandul ca in miscare arata totusi putin altfel, dar am remarcat ca nici macar pe manechinele de la Asos genul asta de croiala nu arata tocmai bine, asa ca pe viitor voi sta cu siguranta departe de modele similare, chiar daca imi place la nebunie talia joasa.

Intr-o nota mai pozitiva, mi-a venit in sfarsit ideea sa folosesc o carte care sa ma ajute sa obtin efectul “de fapt eu nu pozez frumos la camera, ci sunt surprinsa, asa, pur si simplu, intr-o zi obisnuita din viata mea” :D. (Sunt sigura ca iluzia este TOTALA :D!)

Pentru ca stiam ca va fi un lac in decor, am ales “Trei intr-o barca” (sigur, acolo actiunea se petrece pe fluviul Tamisa, nu pe un lac, nici barca n-aveam, eram si doua, nu trei – adica eu cu mama -, dar o legatura ar fi totusi parca, parca…). E una din cartile mele favorite, care ma va face intotdeauna sa rad si care imi aduce aminte de vacantele la bunici, unde am citit-o prima data, acum multi ani.

EN: Before I saw the photos I took for this post, I used to consider this Topshop dress one of my favourite casual pieces – it’s loose, comfy and it doesn’t wrinkle, just my kind of dress. After seeing the pics though… I’ll probably never wear the darn thing again: at least 90% of the photos must be hidden from all human eyes, because I look like a refrigerator (a striped refrigerator, that makes you dizzy) :D. In fact, had it not been for the beautiful landscape, which I thought it would be a shame to waste, I probably would have never published this post at all.
Well, at least now I feel more motivated to lose some weight. (By the way, I was thinking today that my motto could be: “Raluca (that’s my name :D): trying to lose weight since 1992.” Yes, really!)
I’ve been trying to comfort myself with the thought that maybe, just maybe, the dress looks better in movement, but the truth is I did notice that this kind of  shape doesn’t look all that great even on the Asos models, so in the future I’ll be sure to steer clear of similar designs even though I do so love drop waist dresses (sigh!).

On a more positive note, I finally got the (brilliant, never been done before) idea to use a book as a prop, in a quest to achieve the “I’m not in fact posing prettily for the camera, but oh, just going about my day as usual while somebody just happens to take photos of me” effect.

Because I knew there would be a lake, I chose “Three Men in a Boat” (ok, so the book takes place on the river Thames, not a lake, I don’t have a boat and there’s just two of us, not three – me and my mom, that is -, but there is some similarity, isn’t there :D?). It’s one of my all time favourite books, which will never cease to make me laugh and which reminds me of childhood holidays spent at my grandparents’, where I first read it, many moons ago.