Indian Summer

Rochie de matase cu spatele gol/// EN: Silk dress with open back: By Zoe (Asos)
Colier corai/// EN: Coral necklace: Benvenutti
Inel din agat albastru/// EN: Blue Agate Ring: Lola Rose (Asos)
Geanta/// EN: Bag: Mango
Sandale peep toe cu talpa ortopedica/// EN: Peep toe leather (faux snakeskin) wedge sandals: Musette

Mi-am dorit rochia asta vreo 6 luni si de Craciun parintii mei mi-au facut marea surpriza de a mi-o lua cadou. Cand spun cadou surpriza, trebuie sa intelegeti ca lucrurile au stat cam asa: cu vreo 2 luni inainte de Craciun, cand la un control de rutina al wishlist-ului meu de la Asos am remarcat cu groaza ca mai exista o singura rochie marimea mea pe stoc (pe care oricand ar fi putut sa mi-o ia de sub nas un om rau, care n-ar fi iubit-o la fel fel de mult), am sunat-o pe mama si am intrebat-o daca nu vrea sa-mi faca un cadou dragut de Craciun. A fost de acord, i-am trimis link-ul si, doua luni mai tarziu… nu o sa credeti ce am gasit sub brad!!! Da, chiar rochia By Zoe! (Ceea ce nu inseamna ca nu m-am bucurat foarte mult cand am vazut-o in persoana, draguta de ea!). Cam asa e cu cadourile pe care le primesc eu, pentru ca sunt de principiul “surpriza, surpriza, da’ sa stim si noi ce e”. (Exista si scenariul B, cand inmanez celor dragi o lista FOARTE cuprinzatoare de lucruri pe care mi le-as dori, astfel incat sa-mi poata alege ceva…surpriza, bineinteles!).

Spuneam deci ca e o rochie pe care mi-am dorit-o si care imi place foarte mult. Din pacate, insa, cand a venit momentul sa plec in vacanta s-a dovedit ca rochia nu este prea bine adaptata zborului cu avionul, pentru ca se sifoneaza foarte usor si vizibil. Asa ca biata de ea a fost nefericita necastigatoare a unei vacante in Italia si prima ei iesire in lume, in loc sa fie la Sorrento, a fost la Gradina Botanica din Bucuresti… (Un fel de povestire “Puiul”, daca v-o amintiti: “Nu ma lasati! Nu ma lasati!”, doar ca in locul puiului de prepelita acum a fost lasata in urma rochia). Da, viata e nedreapta, dar ma consolez macar cu gandul ca a calatorit din Franta in Anglia – By Zoe fiind un brand francez.

Sa trecem la lucruri ma putin dramatice: sandalele de la Musette. Mi le-am cumparat la sfarsitul lui august, de la reduceri, si mi se par foarte comode: talpa ortopedica de pluta (usoara) e preferata mea si, desi sunt destul de inalte, ofera stabilitate piciorului care este bine sustinut de forma peep toe si de baretele in X – care mi se pare ca le dau si un aer retro si mai elegant decat poti spera de la niste sandale cu talpa ortopedica de pluta. Atat de incantata am fost de ele incat la cateva zile dupa fericita achizitie m-am intors la prietenenul meu drag, magazinul Musette din Unirea, si mi le-am cumparat si in cealalta varianta existenta, in nuante de bej. Si ma bucur sa raportez ca s-au comportat mai mult decat satisfacator la mers pe piatra cubica (diabolica) din Santorini. Asa ca voilà, final fericit de aceasta data :D!

EN: I’d been lusting after this By Zoe dress for about 6 months when my wonderful parents finally “surprised” me with it for Christmas. When I say surprised, you have to understand that things went like this: about 2 months before Christmas, when, during a routine inspection of my Asos wishlist, I noticed with horror that there was only one dress in my size left in stock (which could have been easily snatched right from under my nose by some mean person who wouldn’t have loved it as much as me), I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to buy me a nice Christmas gift. She agreed, I sent her the link and, two months later… guess what I found under the Christmas tree!!! Yep, it was the By Zoe dress all right! (Which doesn’t mean I wasn’t extremely happy to meet her lovely self in person!). This pretty much sums up my gift-receiving habits: I’m all for a nice surprise, just so long as I know what it is :D. (There’s also a B Scenario, where I hand my loved ones a very comprehensive list of things I want, so they can choose a… surprise gift, of course!).

So I was saying that this is a dress that I really, really wanted and which I truly love. Tragically however, when the time came to pack for my summer vacation this year, the dress proved to be totally unsuitable for air travel, as it wrinkles very easily. So the poor thing was doomed to be left behind and, instead of making its first appearance in Sorrento, Italy, I wore it for the first time while taking photos for this post, in the Bucharest Botanical Garden …Yes, life is unfair, but at least I take some comfort in the thought that the dress at least travelled from France to the UK – By Zoe being a French brand.

Moving on to more positive things: the sandals (by Romanian brand Musette) which I got in the August sales proved to be a great buy: the cork wedge – my favourite – is very light and, although it’s quite high, the sandals are pretty easy to walk in, as the small peep toe and criss-cross straps make them feel very secure on your feet (added bonus – the criss-cross straps make them a little more elegant – with a bit of a retro vibe too in my opinion – than you’d generally expect from cork wedge sandals). I was sooo pleased with them that a few days after I bought them I returned to the store and unrepentantly got them in the other available colourway, which is various shades of taupe and beige. I’m very happy to report that they dealt just fine with the (diabolical) cobble stones in Santorini. So, voilà, it’s a happy ending this time!