Just like a Flamingo

flamingo t shirt, tricou cu flamingoAsos Oversized T-Shirt with Flamingo print – 14£ here (also available in Petite and Maternity ranges);
Tricou cu imprimeu pasare flamingo – 14£ (aprox. 72 ron) aici (disponibil si in gama Petite si cea pentru Gravide).

Va doreati de mult sa aratati ca o pasare flamingo? Daca da, ei bine, acum puteti. Ma rog, veti un fel de flamingo mutant, cu doua capete (al vostru si cel de pe tricou), dar nu cred ca asta va va face mai putin gratioase :).

EN: Have you always wanted to look like a flamingo? Well, now you can. OK, it may be a sort of mutant flamingo, with two heads (your own and the one on the T-shirt), but I doubt a little thing like that will detract from your grace :).

flamingo face

Daca aceasta abordare a look-ului flamingo vi se pare totusi prea mult, va sugerez un pandantiv:
EN: If, for some reason, you’re finding this approach to the flamingo look too “in you face” (pun intended – the darn beaky thing literally IS in your face!), may I suggest a more subtle one, by means of a flamingo pendant necklace:

pink flamingo pendant necklacePink Flamingo Necklace – 7,50£ at Dorothy Perkins, here;
Colier cu pandantiv flamingo roz – 7,50£ (aprox. 39 ron) la Dorothy Perkins, aici.

Ca sa pastram tema “acvatica”, v-as sugera sa combinati tricoul cu aceasta pereche de saboti bulbucati in forma de peste (sau broasca sau ce naiba o fi):

EN: In keeping with this “aquatic” theme, I’d suggest wearing the T-shirt with a pair of goggle-eyed mules that look like a fish (or a frog or God knows what):


Frumuseii astia costa “doar” 328€ pentru ca sunt Marc Jacobs. (Ii puteti cumpara de aici in caz ca… nu stiu…  va urati picioarele/ aveti planificata o excursie in Delta – caz in care as fi foarte atenta la pelicani!)
EN: These beauties will set you back a “mere” 328€ as they are by Marc Jacobs. (Buy them here – if you really hate your feet that much);

Si ce ziceti de o manusa de bucatarie in forma de rechin:
EN: And how about a shark-shaped oven mitt:

shark oven mitt“Jaws of Cooking” Shark Oven Mitt – 18$ at ModCloth, here. (The name adequately describes my feelings towards this particular household activity :));

Manusa de bucatarie “Falcile gatitului” – in gura fiarei, cum ar veni (ceea ce descrie perfect sentimentele mele fata de aceasta activitate casnica :)) – 18$ (aprox. 60 ron) la ModCloth, aici.

Sa aveti o saptamana frumoasa!

Have a great week!