That 70’s Show

Rochie Asos de anul trecut /// EN: Asos Pussybow Dress from last year;

Cizme de piele cu talpa ortopedica Aldo (tot de la Asos si tot de anul trecut) /// EN: Aldo “Haumesser” long wedge boots (also from last year and from Asos);

Geanta de piele cu franjuri – Asos /// EN: Asos leather fringe bag – similar here;

Palarie Meli Melo stil anii ’70 (veche) /// EN: Meli Melo floppy hat (old);

Curea elastica de la o alta rochie /// EN: Elastic belt from another dress;

Dres plasa: Penti /// EN: Penti nude fishnet tights;

Inel din argint – cadou de la o buna prietena /// EN: Silver & semi-precious stone ring – gifted.

Tocmai a nins si in Bucuresti (yuck!), dar nu va speriati de vestimentatia mea… sumara, pozele le-am facut mai demult, cand era (mult) mai cald. Oricum, desi nu se vede prea bine in poze (si asta era si scopul), port ciorapi, dar plasa. Ideea mi-a dat-o unul din blogurile mele preferate, Forever Amber, a carui posesoare uraste ca si mine ciorapii obisnuiti; cei de plasa sunt mai putin enervanti pentru ca sunt mai elastici, asa ca cel putin nu atarna, sunt “aerati”, asa ca senzatia de sintetic nu mai e asa puternica si au si avantajul ca nu sunt luciosi. Mai trebuie doar sa gasesc nuanta potrivita, pentru ca cei pe care ii purtam aici sunt un pic prea deschisi. (Traducere: bineinteles ca nu o sa gasesc niciodata nuanta potrivita, asa ca o sa abandonez ideea.)

Tin sa precizez si ca, in ciuda aparentelor, ceea ce port este o rochie, nu o bluza, promit :)! – sau cel putin era rochie cand am cumparat-o anul trecut de la Asos, doar ca intre timp a mai intrat la apa (sau am crescut eu cu vreo 10 cm de anul trecut; sau au scurtat-o piticii de gradina de sub pat :)).

Palaria o am de mai multi ani, dar este abia a doua oara cand o port. Desi imi plac foarte mult palariile, nu mi se par deloc practice, mai ales cele mari: ce faci cu palaria daca vrei sa ti-o scoti de pe cap (intr-un magazin, de exemplu)? O tii in mana? Iti iei o plasuta speciala pentru palarie? Este una din dilemele existentei mele si sper sa nu vina sfarsitul lumii acuma, inainte sa-i gasesc un raspuns :).

EN: I know it’s winter and I’m pretty skimpily dressed in these photos, but don’t worry, I haven’t gone (completely) crazy (… said she while rocking back and forth and staring blankly at the laptop :)): the pics were taken a few weeks ago, when it was still (relatively) warm.
Anyway, even though it may not be apparent in these photos (or at least I hope not, because that was the idea), I’m not actually bare-legged, but wearing fishnet tights. It was fellow blogger, wonderful writer and tights-hater Amber (of Forever Amber) who gave me the idea: unlike regular tights, fishnets are less annoying because, being more stretchy, they don’t fall prey to “the curse of the hanging crotch”, plus they let your skin breathe (so that nasty feeling of something synthetic stuck to your skin is somewhat diminished) and, bonus nr. 3, they aren’t shiny. All I have to do now is find the right shade of “nude”, as the ones I was wearing here are a little too light. (Translation: of course I’ll never find the right shade, so I’ll be forced to abandon this otherwise brilliant idea.)

I also want to emphasize that what I’m wearing is, contrary to what some of you may think, a dress, not a top – or at least it used to be a dress when I bought it last year from Asos; it’s just that it has shrunk quite a bit in the wash (either that, or the good life I’ve been living as a blogger has caused me to grow 10 cm taller since last winter; or the garden gnomes who live under my bed – because I live in a flat and don’t have a garden – had their way with it.)

As for the hat, I’ve had it for quite a few years, but this was only the second time I’ve ever worn it. Even though I love hats, I find them terribly impractical: I mean, what are you supposed to do with your hat it if you want to take it off (in a store, for instance)? Hold it in your hand? Carry it in a bag? It’s one of the great mysteries of my existence upon this earth and I hope the world isn’t going to end (as currently advertised) before I manage to sort it out :).