Agony and Extasy in Positano

Desi hotelul in care am stat in vacanta din iulie era in Sorrento, jumatate din timp ne-am petrecut-o de cealalta parte a muntelui, in Positano, care este absolut superb.
EN: Although the hotel where we stayed during our July holiday was in Sorrento, we spent half the time across the mountain, in Positano, which is absolutely amazing.

La prima vizita insa nu s-a prezentat tocmai in forma maxima, pentru ca a fost innorat…:
EN: Our fiirst visit, however, didn’t allow us to see Positano at its best, as it was very cloudy (ok, it wasn’t terrible either :D)…:

…apoi a venit si ploaia torentiala:
…and then the pouring rain started:Si nu a fost o ploaie calda, de vara, ci una a naibii, de octombrie, care a durat pana a doua zi si a scazut temperatura pana la 17 grade. Se pare ca a fost de altfel singura zi ploioasa de care a avut parte Coasta Amalfitana toata vara anului acestuia. Asadar daca locuiti intr-o zona afectata de seceta sau pur si simplu vi s-a acrit de vreme buna, puteti apela cu incredere la serviciile mele de adus ploaia :D.

EN: And it wasn’t warm summer rain either, it was a nasty, cold, October-like downpour that lasted till the following day. In fact it seems it was the only rainy day that the Amalfi Coast experienced during this summer. So if you live in an area affected by drought or you’ve simply had enough of good weather, feel free to contact me for extremely effective rain conjuring services :D.

Din fericire am perseverat si la urmatoarele vizite Positano a fost asa:
EN: Luckily we didn’t give up and our next visits to Positano looked like this:

Plaja Arienzo, preferata noastra:
EN: Arienzo beach, our favourite:

Am putea numi aceasta poza “Vicii pe plaja Arienzo” (sticla de votca era sub masuta :D):
EN: We could call this masterpiece of photography “Vices on Arienzo beach” (the vodka bottle was under the table :D):Deci…vizitati Positano daca aveti ocazia. E tare frumos!
EN: So, what more can I say, do vist Positano if you get the chance. It really is a beautiful place!

Rochie albastra cu imprimeu cu ancore: Asos, o gasiti aici;
EN: Asos Bandeau Summer Dress in Anchor print – you can buy it here;
Rochie cu dungiOasis
EN: Striped dress Oasis