Santorini Blue

Rochie/ Dress: Liquorish(Asos)

Anul asta am fost norocoasa posesoare a unei zile de nastere in Santorini, unde am petrecut o saptamana la inceputul lui septembrie.
Am stat in statiunea Kamari, dar chiar de ziua mea am fost in Fira, capitala insulei, de unde sunt si pozele (multe!) de azi.
Ca e frumos, nu cred ca mai e nevoie sa spun, insa iata cateva sfaturi pretioase izvorate din experienta proprie:

1. Bate vantul destul de tare (dupa cum se vede si in poze), asa ca parul pe spate nu e o idee foarte buna, dupa cum nu e nici purtarea unei rochii care se ridica usor. Mie nu mi-a spus nimeni, asa ca eram una din putinele persoane din Fira care purtau rochie si singura (din observatiile mele) cu genul asta de rochie. BAD IDEA: o buna parte din timp mi-am petrecut-o cautand niste pantalonasi pe care sa-i port sub rochie, astfel incat trecatorii nevinovati sa fie mai putin oripilati atunci cand vantul imi ridica rochia in cap. Cand in cele din urma i-am gasit, s-a oprit si vantul, bineinteles.

2. Nu incercati sa purtati tocuri: pietrele de pe jos au fost puse de cineva care uraste femeile, iar stradutele in panta nu ajuta deloc! (Am vazut cateva nefericite pe tocuri si nu era o priveliste prea atractiva!). Din fericire eu eram pregatita la capitolul asta, pentru ca fusesem in recunoatere cu o seara inainte si dupa 10 minute de chin cu sandalele mele cu talpa ortopedica m-am schimbat in papucii pe care, cu intelepciunea-mi caracteristica, ii luasem la mine.

3. Feriti-va de magarusi! Dupa ziua petrecuta in Fira un film horror in vizunea mea ar putea fi descris astfel: “Stradute inguste….Convoiuri de magarusi bine hraniti…Teroarea nu a fost niciodata mai urecheata! Buhuhuuuu!” (sau “Iha…iha…” – dar spus intr-un fel infricosator :D).

EN: This year I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Santorini, where my husband and I went for a week at the beginning of September.
We stayed at the beach, in Kamari, but on my birthday we visited Fira, the island’s capital. This is where we took the (many) photos in this post.
I don’t think I need to say it’s beautiful. What I can do however is offer some precious advice based on my own painful experience:

1. The wind is pretty strong (as you can see from the state of my hair), so wearing your hair down may not be such a great idea. Neither is a dress that is easily blown up by the wind. Nobody warned me, so I was one of the few women in Fira wearing a dress and the only one as far as I could tell wearing this kind of dress. BAD IDEA: I spent a lot of time looking for some kind of  shorts to wear under the dress, so that the innocent passers-by would be less horrified when the wind blew the dress over my head. Of course, when I did finally manage to find the darned shorts, the wind stopped.

2. Don’t try to wear heels: the cobble stones must have been put there by someone who hates women and the sloping streets don’t help at all. (I did witness some unfortunate attempts at heel wearing and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty!). Fortunately I was well prepared in this department thanks to a reconnaissance mission on the previous evening: after 10 minutes of risking my life in high wedges, I came to the conclusion that life is worth living after all and switched to the flats I had wisely brought along.

3. Stay away from the donkeys! After the day we spent in Fira, a horror movie that would really get to me could be described like this: “Narrow streets…Well-fed donkeys…The terror has never had bigger ears! Hee-haw…hee-haw!” (with the “hee-haw” uttered in a very frightening way :D).
Zambesc in poza, dar “nu este zambetul meu”: scapasem nevatamata de primul convoi de magarusi, dar ceea ce Bogdan nu vedea, fiind cu spatele, era al doilea convoi de magarusi, care se apropia… si se apropia… si SE APROPIA…Pericolul a fost si mai mare de data asta, pentru ca unul dintre magarusi a decis sa il depaseasca pe cel din fata lui, facand impactul cu mine (si ceilalti turisti) aproape iminent. Din fericire, turistul dupa care ma ascundeam (si care se intorcea spre mine spunand “This is SO EXCITING [Ce palpitant]!!!” a reusit sa convinga magarusul sa revina pe calea cea buna, asa ca tragedia a fost evitata in ultimul moment.

EN: I may be smiling in the pic above, but inside…I’m crying: I had just escaped unharmed from the first donkey convoy, but what my husband couldn’t see was that a second convoy was getting closer…and closer…and CLOSER…The peril was even greater this time as one of the donkeys suddenly decided to change places with his friend or relative in front of him, thus making the risk of collision with me (and the other tourists) almost imminent. Luckily the tourist behind whom I was hiding (and who kept saying “This is SO EXCITING!!!”) bravely managed to change the donkey’s course. And so I lived to tell the tale.